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What does Mobile Advertising mean


It is the communication of products or services and your brand or business to mobile device and Smartphone customers. The mobile advertising span ranges from short text message service (SMS) to interactive, appealing and attractive advertisements.

Mobile advertising is an element of mobile marketing.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is used to target users according to defined demographics like age group, interest group, location, designation and gender, etc. when consumers download and uses data services like songs, movies, games, tools, applications (apps) or ring tones. Our mobile networks specifically identify each related mobile profiles and preferences based on consumer’s interests and occupations and displays corresponding advertisements on their mobile.
MMA – Mobile Marketing Association is a global trade non-profit association that encourages mobile marketing and advertising technologies. It is responsible to regulate associated terms, specifications and practices. It also supervises global mobile advertising units in, applications, messaging video, television and also on the web platform.


Mobile advertising


You can do Mobile advertising in the following ways:

  • Through Mobile Web: Text tagline ads, mobile Web banner ads, rich media mobile ads etc.
  • Multimedia Messaging: Short and long text ads, banner ads, vertical and horizontal ads, audio ads, video ads, etc.
  • Mobile Video and TV Advertising Units: Interactive mobile video,     TV ads, Ad breaks linear and nonlinear.
  • Mobile Applications: App display advertising, integrated Ads, branded and sponsored mobile applications.

Mobile advertising is a future of online marketing and will continue to be driven by Smartphone’s and tablet devices, which will enhance the growth of your business.

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