Online Brand Management


What is Online Brand Management

Though you have put much time and effort as a marketers you put to improve the visibility of your brand in search results, not all pages rank on search engine are good.

Because negative references occur within the search results can be for your brand or products, many businesses find that search engine reputation management as a SEO problem. But removing negative search results will not do it will only treat the symptoms of the problem. It’s not a permanent cure for any online marketing platform.

While some of the companies see taint brand issues are public relations issue, it’s important to check that sometimes can be PR firm which is the root of the problem.

Negative pitches can have a significant impact on your business brands management that you have spent several years to build it. It pays to protect those brands where ever consumers can interact with them.


What to monitor?

• Brands
• Products
• Company
• Key Executives
• News Search, Social Media/Tags, Reviews, Standard Search Results, Feedbacks, Blogs and Forums.


Rather than a reactive measure it is most effective as a preventive measure. But reactive optimization for removing negative search results for which most of the online reputation management services are focused on. But it leaves the company following after the various dissenters and freethinkers and unable to put the brand in secure position.

Where to Monitor?

• Google Alerts
• Yahoo Alerts
• RSS feeds
• Social Media via tags: like,,, etc.

Engage – Address the Cause

Once a negative mention has been identified, here are a few basic steps in dealing with it:
• Research the situation – is there merit?
• If not, provide the facts and ask for corrections
• If yes, then offer to discuss
• Be ready to respond with your own blog
• Be honest, be transparent and LISTEN
Results can be a anything from a positive turn around to a loyal brand evangelist.

Treat the Symptoms

If you want to protect your company and want to protect your brand visibility on the web, optimize your brand content in fact Optimize all digital communications like PR, marketing, SEO and all related electronic content that is available on the web publicly, also social media will produce more branded and valuable content in the search engine results pages. If you do so doesn’t mean it will put the brand in control, but it can be better situation.

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