SEO Keyword Research

The keyword research


To rank, a page in the search engine your website must be reliable in the eyes of search engines and should be on targeted phrase. If you are doing all things right but the above one wrong, your work will be in the vain.
SEO begins with the keyword and keywords with SEO research. SEO Keyword research is done to read the minds of people of all over the world who search on search pages.
The Target Keyword
The reason of SEO keyword research is to find a query that relates your web page:
Search Volume tells you that how many people are searching for this exact phrase?
Competition tells; what is the competition for the phrase you have selected. Select the one which is relevant to your web page.

Find Broad Match Keywords

Use Google keyword Planner tool to find targeted and relevant Keywords
When you enter several keywords into the box and click “Get Ideas” you will get the results for the phrases.
You will see the specific phrases you entered, along with the number of searches per month over the last months or year.

How many searches are enough?

It’s good if the main keyword for your site has more than thousands of searches every month. You can select that specific keyword for relevant page.
Internal pages should be optimized for specific phrases or keywords. Those phrases can have thousands of searches per month.

How to Use the Keyword on Page

The keyword should appear on at least three to four places based on the total words in that page. Following are the places where you can add the keyword:
1. The beginning of the title tag
2. Meta tag
3. In the header <h1> tag
4. Two to three times in the body
5. Within links to this page on other pages of your website

But be careful, overdoing it will not be helpful. Remember, in the end, you are writing content for people not for robots. If your content is of low quality and no user friendly, no SEO will help your website.

Keyword Finding with Other Sources

If you need ideas for topics and keywords, consider these tools and sources:
• Google Analytics: You can find phrases and that are driving traffic by looking into Traffic Sources -> Search Engine Optimization -> Queries.

• Google Suggest: If you enter relevant keywords into Google you will see what Google suggests. For more suggestions first enter question words like “what” and “how to” with your topic for more suggestions to get new ideas.

Narrow in Search phrase

Before trying for more phrases, check the box “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” at the left of the page. It n helps you to narrows the results.

What are long keyphrases?

For B2B Service Company it is very useful to target specific phrases with few searches. If only 60 people search for a specific phrase per month, there is still an opportunity to have 2 visitors every day.
Long tail keywords often have little competition. If you target a long tail phrase with seven to eight words, it is possible that your website will have the only online page on the internet with that combination of the words. You can rank high in the search pages within days of posting the content.

Target more than one phrase, what is secondary keyphrase?

It is not possible that one page will rank for many phrases, specifically internal pages. So it is better to target one keyword regardless of your location.

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