Email Marketing Strategy

There are more than one ways to measure email marketing success. There are several metrics that can indicate overall performance of your email marketing strategy and put new ways to improve the campaign. Take a look at click-through-rates, how certain email marketing strategy can impact conversion rates or how much traffic is generated you can find the effectiveness of each email marketing campaigns in India and in the other parts of the country. To be successful with email marketing strategy, you should be focused on strengthen recipient engagement and minimize unsubscribe rate, while maintaining a brand image.

Timing and Frequency of Email Marketing

One of the most important elements of the email marketing strategy is the timing in which you send your emails, so focus on it in any email marketing strategy. You might be located in any part of the world, but a large portion of your target demographic will be in a different time zone. If your emails are reaching on the time of day your open-rate and click-through-rate will be high.
You can segment your contact lists based on the different time zone the recipients live in.

Optimization for All Devices

Now the scenario is changed where users access their inbox from different devices. Users are accessing the email through different devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, that include a wide range of different devices. The way to view an email isn’t in the same way in the past, so make sure that you have used better accessibility features for any users with responsive email design.


You can do segmentation for a user in your email database signed up for your Subscription on a specific blog post, segment them based on relevant content they are interested in. Based on relevancy personalize your emails with step-by-step process, your messages will be more effective if you keep the content relative to what caused them to interact with your business brand initially.

Subject Lines

Subject line of your email campaign should be effective to spark interest and build anticipation about what the email’s content is. You need to have subject line under 50 characters. It would be better to have creativity with subject lines to make it unique, but remember that simplicity always works best. Keep subject lines straight to the point and let the user know in advance about the brand and the content.

The objective of a subject line is to attract users to open the message, and to click through the email. So it is important to be consistent while you go from the subject line to the actual content.

Content: Visuals and Copy

Content is important but Images speak loudly than words, and this is true with any successful email marketing strategy for any business. Normally, there should be more visuals than copy in an email, but it is worthwhile to invest in the writing. Users don’t want read the lengthy content and stick to the point so that they can quickly skim the content and to get an understanding of the message. Though you have lot of content don’t include it all in the one email. To have good click through rate use call to action button to guide users to a landing page on your business website where they can read the complete article.

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