Mobile marketing is marketing on or with the mobile devices

Mobile marketing is marketing on or with the mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. Crowd Council offers mobile marketing services in India or outside it which allows your business to promote goods, services and ideas on the basis of time, location sensitive and personalized information of customers. Knowing the fact that year on year usage of mobile devices will increase. So you can easily guess how important mobile marketing is from the view point of both marketers and users.


mobile marketing

Our mobile marketing experts research continuous evolving market through out the world, and its influence with technology, communication and customers providing Mobile Marketing Service in the same manner across India. We understand your mobile customer data on the basis of time, location sensitive and personalized information. This helps to target the right audience according to your mobile marketing objective.


In our Mobile Marketing Service we develop a comprehensive Mobile Marketing strategy to achieve intended goals to increase sign-ups, create leads and make sales.
When we plan to integrate mobile marketing into digital marketing of your product or service, we begin with the basics “who”, “what”, and “how” of your mobile strategy. And we do that by getting the data for who are your customers, what mobile channels will we use, how your target audience will access the content, why do your customer need the information from you and how will they share the information, etc.

mobile marketing



We optimize our mobile marketing services like your apps, content and campaigns to make it user- friendly and valuable that results into more traffic and more leads. To achieve this we make the website responsive and mobile friendly first as the new mindset,create the content long-form or short-form based on the subject ,product and the market,understand audience’s mobile behaviour based on how they access the site, the device they used to access and their activities on the site and how much time they spent on the site, etc. All these activities will help to analyze and improve the campaign to get the expected results.

Mobile Marketing

APP Marketing:
We make sure to make your app unique and different from your competitors’at country level. Promote your app through different channels and develop perfect marketing strategy that will target your potential customers in India.
SMS Marketing:
We use permission-based text messaging technique to reach your promotional messages to targeted users. Special text message are sent about your product, service or business.
Mobile Marketing:
In this method your business Ads will appear on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets or other wireless smart devices. Ads can be displayed via mobile search, SMS, or banner ads that will be appeared in mobile sites, downloaded apps or in games.

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