APP Marketing

Your fundamental challenge is you have APP and getting it discovered.There are millions of apps i.e. IOS, Android, Windows Phone etc, standing out in the sea of available apps is becoming too difficult.
To be best app marketer pursue a comprehensive app marketing strategy that includes both pre-launch and post-launch task. The best strategy is, include organic and paid app marketing channels.

Following are the steps to guide you for app marketing:

Before Launch

Select important keywords, Choose a good name ,The right name can make or break an app.
Find your competitors, what are their feature sets? What other keywords do they target? ,Choose the right category ,Create an amazing icon ,Take great screenshots. Make use of Mobile Marketing

Organic promotion

There are different ways but some of the best ways to get downloads in an organic way. Spending money to get downloads is great, but the reality is beyond one limit you can do so. So, here is the way how you can get free downloads.

Feature your app on review sites

Identify the blogs and the review sites– the authors – who are writing about your competitors and their apps within your industry. Reach out to those authors and request them to pitch them your app, request them. To pitch writers is a complex task, but if you apply thumb rule to follow: put yourself in their shoes, understand their incentives.

Encourage users to rate and review the app

There are different ways to encourage your users to review and rate your app. Send request to rate app and you can then implement this request after they’ve used it and spent few time on it. Your preference should be; encourage users to rank your app. You’ll have to think differently for interesting, and more effective ways to make your users rate your app.

Install Mobile App Tracking

A great tool to “Mobile App Tracking” is a great tool to help app marketers to know exactly how many app downloads come from each paid ad source. With the recent Mobile App Tracking you can ensure you are spending money in the right place.
Example, Mobile App Tracking gives you the potential to check that the 10,000 you spent on Jumptap gave you 100 installs while the 10,000 you spent on Tapjoy gave you 150 installs. You can use this information to modify your ad to the best performing networks.

Post launch

After launching the app some app creators think this is the end of the journey, it’s not. In fact, it’s beginning and your next focus should be “Online marketing your app”.
App marketing can be divided into two categories: paid marketing and organic marketing. Organic marketing means to you can use to earn downloads without paying for it. Paid marketing is used to pay for each individual download.

Sign up for an app store analytics application

If you want to understand your organic app distribution progress accurately, you should sign up first for an analytics tool so that you can use it to track your APP and your competitors.
There are several analytics tools available in the market that can perform functions you’ll need, but the two most main are App Annie and MobileDevHQ.

Increase social sharing of content of your app

Use; is a “private social network”, mobile only, users have the ability to share pictures publicly and the picture will be published on Path’s website at and this can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare etc for anyone. Those who are not viewers can see the value in Path and install the app.

Build appealing web landing page

Mobile app is great and amazing. But the truth is website development still matters. Whenever somebody writes an blog or article about your app, it is linked to two places: homepage on the website and your app’s page in the app stores. So whenever a user searches for your app on Google, they’ll find both your app’s detail page and your homepage. This helps to build a great web landing page and it will be a great tool to convert web visitors into loyal users.
You can consider paid promotion if you want your app to rank high on the top of the charts.

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