SMS Marketing

What is SMS marketing? SMS stands for ‘Short Message Service’, it is text based message. To use SMS as a form of Digital marketing means text message is carefully written to communicate services, special offer or company info to large number of people quickly and easily from an online platform, this help to increase the lead generation opportunities for your business.
For your understanding SMS Marketing is based on permission, means each customer must have given permission to send the text messages to their mobile phone. Businesses collect their customer’s mobile numbers in several different ways. If you have permission to contact your prospective customers, your decision is most important for sending the text message regarding who you want to target and what message you want to convey them.
For making the SMS Marketing campaigns Successful send a brief message with highlighting call to action. To personalize the messages use customer’s first name to increase the chance of a response with clear cut heading. Use direct call to action which can be your phone number, your email address or your website link, so that prospective customer can land on your website. To measure the success of your SMS, you should track the response to it. If customer haven’t taken clear action you will not be able to do this. There are several online platforms which provide a delivery report for every SMS you send to your customer.
It is better to segment your customers by their preferences, interest and needs to send them relevant text message. It is proved from research that shown relevant SMS marketing is more likely to be successful. To upload your customers use send mode option that allows you to upload your customers into many different groups as you need. That means you can send text messages based on interests and relevance to your customers to build their trust and loyalty for your business brand and products or services.

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