SMM stratergy

SMM Strategy is one of the most popular and powerful tools in your online marketing arms. If you know how to use it, when to use it and where to use it correctly, you can create a strong, long term and trustworthy personal connection with your customers in every part of the country. But to achieve social media marketing success you should have a clear SMM Strategy before you dive into it. You need to create a clear strategy to get benefits from social platforms. Find out who your prospective customers are and what and how your competitors are doing to achieve the best results.
Few tips to help you for SMM Strategy in India and other parts of the world:

Keep the eyes on the competition

For social media campaign, your competition will tell about what will work and what won’t work. You cannot ignore your competition because you and your competitors are targeting the same customers. So you shouldn’t give up because you will lose a fantastic opportunity to learn from your competitor’s successes and failures.
First research your competitors, pick the top five ones. Find out which social networks they’re using, what networks they are active on, what they do? And study their campaign. Suppose, if you sell products, do your competitors speak about how they perform, or do they post high quality products videos. Then, check how much engagement, comments, shares and likes your competitors to get on their social platforms. This will help you understand which strategies work.

How to characterize your customers

Now you understand when you have started and where you are going, but do you still know how to get there. If you are targeting the right people with the right messages then your SMM strategy is successful. For achieving this you need to understand your audience. For example what is the point in targeting everyone in the 18 to 40 age group, if you want to get mobile young professional.
The best way to decide your target group is create buyer personas. Create a detailed profile of your prospective customer. Give them a name, how old are they? What is their income? Are they parents? What are their likes and dislikes? What is the motivator for them? And so on. For more than one type of prospective ideal customers, create different personas for each.

How to create measurable objectives

Now is the time to finalize the objectives based on your goals. You should focus on the strategy for setting the goal. You should ensure that your objectives are relevant, specific, can be measured, attainable and based on time.
Let us put an example here, if you are a business and your clients are another businesses i.e. you are a B2B marketer and looking for increase in sales, to achieve that you need to generate hundreds of leads per month. If you want to increase your brand awareness, you need to increase the mentions on social platforms. Whatever will be the cases, all these objectives need to be directly tied to your business goals, and they should be achievable. Otherwise, you will not get what you have decided and expected in specified time limit.
After you set your marketing objectives, ensure you can measure them. There are several tools available in the market find the right ones to track and analyze, so that you can measure your progress. This will help you to know have started, when to measure, how to spot problems and improve it and change your course if it is needed.

Know and Understand your goals

As with any marketing campaign, the first step is create a SMM strategy it will help you to understand where you want to go and where are you going. Decide the purpose of your social media marketing like; do you want to increase awareness of your business brand? Looking to increase leads and sales, or Are you looking to increase website traffic? Is your target to build customer loyalty? Try to focus on overall strategy if you want to accomplish the success.

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